Päiviä, jotka rytmittyvät päiväunien mukaan

Days following the rhythm of daydreams

These pictures are observations of two separate but intertwined lives. Of two kinds of loneliness and longing for closeness. Of days following the rhythm of daydreams. An animal and a human being. One forced to stay inside their limited environment and the other one choosing to do so.

My drawings show an animal in the middle of spaces made for humans. I have attempted to study the state at which an animal realises itself in flat, hard and closed environments made for us. There is always some kind of an obstacle through, between or under which the external, less organised world is shown.

Putting oneself in the position of members of other species is difficult, but the need to understand and mirror oneself against them persists. Animals can adapt to a human environment, but how do they experience their limited freedom?

Helsinki Art Museum HAM Gallery, 2022